About Remal IoT

Remal IoT was born out of a passion project by Khalid Mansoor AlAwadhi in June 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns. Khalid, an avid code writer and circuit board designer, found solace in working on his passion during his free time. Initially, the project was meant as an outlet to explore various smart device projects. However, as prototypes moved from diagrams to actual working hardware, Khalid noticed a significant gap in the UAE’s smart device and IoT market.

The UAE lacked companies that design and create smart devices and systems from scratch, and there was a clear absence of embedded systems and IoT listings in the UAE job market. Recognizing the importance of actively participating in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Khalid saw the need for the UAE to join the ranks of nations that produce embedded systems and IoT devices.

With this in mind, Khalid shifted his focus to making Remal IoT his main project, rather than just a side hobby.

Remal IoT’s fundamental mission is to spread the knowledge of programming and building smart devices from scratch throughout the UAE and the Middle East, where we’re empowering individuals and companies to create cutting-edge, locally-made tech products that will make an impact in the industry.

Remal IoT is revolutionizing the world of embedded systems and IoT with our easy-to-use, open-source development boards. Designed and assembled in the UAE, our products are perfect for everything from personal projects to commercial ventures. But we’re not just about the hardware – we also offer training and workshops for those looking to level-up their smart device coding skills. And with our wealth of educational content on our website, including blog posts, tutorials, and guides, we make mastering embedded systems and IoT a breeze.


What are embedded systems and IoT devices and why are they essential?

Embedded systems and IoT devices are the future of technology, they are the brain and nerves of smart systems, making everyday devices smarter and more connected. From cars that drive themselves, to smart homes that adjust to our every need, to industrial and commercial automation, embedded systems and IoT devices are taking over to make our lives more efficient and convenient.

Here are a couple of blog posts that cover the topic of embedded systems and IoT:
TV Interview about Embedded Systems and IoT (brief and simple)
Embedded Systems and IoT Workshop (in-depth)

Why should we create our own technology if we can outsource it to a third-party? And where does Remal IoT stand in all of this?

The UAE is becoming a knowledge-based economy. Through a local production of technological solutions, Remal IoT is a platform that will directly contribute to the UAE’s economic shift, inline with the Seventh Principle of the Fifty.

Knowledge about building hardware and writing code is essential. Nations that do not build their own hardware and smart devices are destined to always take a back seat in the technological race. We cannot rely on a technological foundation that is outsourced.

The UAE needs more developers. It needs more people who can create their own unique smart devices for personal, research, or commercial use. All sectors in the UAE need to have the capability to deploy their own smart devices. We should rely on our own hardware and software as we build a better, smarter, and more connected tomorrow.


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