Solar Lamp Holder


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This holder is designed to stick on windows facing the sun to allow the solar lamp to keep on charging when not in use.

You’ll need:
* Suction cups – Here are the exact ones we designed our holder to fit – 35mm
* Solar Lamp – Here is the one we designed this holder for, 190W

Print Info:

 We highly recommend you print this model using PETG or ABS filaments. PLA cannot handle UV or heat and will deform very quickly if left under direct sunlight
❯❯ Print upright as shown
❯❯ Model needs supports for the empty side, but the suction cup mounts do not need supports
❯❯ Just push in the suction cups into the mounts and you’re good to go!

We faced some issues during our print. We think it might be a combination of print settings and the design itself.
This model could definitely be improved, so stay tuned for version 3! Or download the file, improve it, and share it with us! We will post it on this page 💯

3D View: