Award-Winning Green Tech: Exploring Dayma’s Sustainable Future with Remal IoT’s Atlas Board

Congratulations to the dynamic Dayma team: Oussama Jamal, Alya AlMemari, and Fatima AlBannay!

We at Remal IoT are incredibly inspired and thrilled to witness our creations making a substantial impact in such innovative and significant projects! Dayma, the visionary first-place winners at Sheraa’s 2023 Startup Dojo, have revolutionized agricultural practices with their transformative greenhouse technology. We are proud to say that our Atlas board has played a pivotal role in powering this game-changing project.

It’s exhilarating to witness the knowledge disseminated during our workshop at the University of Sharjah (UOS) being applied in such groundbreaking manners. This application demonstrates the versatility and practicality of our hardware in propelling forward new, sustainable solutions.

We believe in the potential of every visionary mind to reshape the world and are eager to see more startups and innovators harness the power of Remal IoT’s hardware to realize their visions and contribute to a sustainable and technologically advanced future. Below are some closeups of the prototype Dayma created:

To the entire team at Dayma, congratulations once again on your well-deserved success, and here’s to more innovations and collaborations in the future!

Here is a video made by the Dayma team showcasing their projects:

And below is an interview conducted by Sheraa:

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