Bridging Industry 4.0 Gaps: Remal IoT x Emirates Global Aluminium

In a vibrant exchange of insights and innovation, Khalid AlAwadhi and the team from Remal IoT were recently invited by the Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) Youth Council to unveil the intricacies of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to the youth and Industry 4.0 leaders at EGA.

The team from Remal IoT showcased not just the technological capabilities of our products but also shared our journey. Khalid, alongside our dedicated team, delved into the development process of our boards, highlighting the transformative power of IoT in modern industries.

The session segued into a practical demonstration of our technology, utilizing temperature and humidity sensors, LED strips, and Wi-Fi to showcase real-time data communication via the internet. This live demo underscored the tangible impact and potential IoT holds, especially within the context of Industry 4.0, a realm EGA navigates with keen interest and strategic focus.

Abdolrahim AlAwadhi, Industry 4.0 Product Owner and an instrumental member of the EGA Youth Council, articulated the importance and relevance of such collaborations, emphasizing the council’s commitment to “engage, empower, and develop” the youth. He accentuated the pride EGA takes in uplifting and supporting tech initiatives, especially those spearheaded by UAE nationals, resonating with a unified objective of both entities in fostering and harnessing local talent and innovation.

Heartfelt gratitude goes to the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa) for their consistent guidance throughout Remal IoT’s trajectory.

At Remal IoT, we envision a future where technology is not merely consumed but actively created, shaped, and evolved by vibrant, skilled communities. This experience with EGA Youth Council, a body that equally prioritizes the education and empowerment of youth, was not just a collaboration but a synergistic alliance towards a technologically empowered future.

As we step forward, we cherish these collaborations and are excited about the prospects of further collaboration with Emirates Global Aluminium. We look forward to diving deeper into innovative ventures, strengthening our ties, and jointly spearheading tech-driven advancements in the industry, looking ahead to more such engaging sessions, and remaining committed to being an active participant in the innovative journey of the UAE’s tech industry.

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