Powering Art with Shabakah: Three Unique Installations at Sikka 2024

We’re excited to present three stunning artworks created by members of the Realiity team, powered by our very own Shabakah board. These captivating installations were on display at the Sikka Art Festival 2024, showcasing the fusion of technology and art. Sadu Flux “Sadu Flux” by Ahmad AlAttar, an innovative art installation powered by our Shabakah […]

Remal Holds a 3-Day Workshop at Dubai Police HQ for Himaya School Students

We’re thrilled to share the news of our recently concluded 3-day workshop for the students of Dubai Police’s Himaya School. This dynamic workshop transformed students from coding novices to developers of innovative prototypes. Utilizing our Shabakah Development Board and a comprehensive kit of sensors, these students have embarked on a thrilling journey into the realms […]

Project Showcase: Mr.Newbie’s HAM Radio Upgrade with the Nabd-Powered Roger Beep

In our latest Project Showcase, we’re excited to feature Mr.Newbie from cybertopia.xyz and his inventive use of our Nabd development board. He has creatively transformed the traditional Roger Beep in radio transmissions into a range of unique and distinctive sounds. This project not only enhances the auditory aspect of radio communication but also showcases the […]

Powering Creativity: Latifa Saeed’s Dust Devils at Abu Dhabi Art

The ‘Dust Devils’ artwork, a captivating creation by Latifa Saeed, which was recently showcased at the Abu Dhabi Art exhibition, is a testament to the synergy between art and technology. Produced by the talented Ahmad AlAttar and energized by our very own Nabd board, this piece exemplifies the versatility and creative potential of Remal’s hardware. […]

Shabakah and Nabd Boards (Founders Edition): Out of Stock! Next Versions in Development

A huge thank you to everyone who supported us by purchasing our handmade Founders Edition boards, Shabakah and Nabd! These boards have been utilized in a variety of remarkable projects, from intricate artworks to large-scale equipment calibrations, demonstrating their versatile applications. With all Founders Edition boards now out of stock, we would like to say […]

Award-Winning Green Tech: Exploring Dayma’s Sustainable Future with Remal IoT’s Atlas Board

Congratulations to the dynamic Dayma team: Oussama Jamal, Alya AlMemari, and Fatima AlBannay! We at Remal IoT are incredibly inspired and thrilled to witness our creations making a substantial impact in such innovative and significant projects! Dayma, the visionary first-place winners at Sheraa’s 2023 Startup Dojo, have revolutionized agricultural practices with their transformative greenhouse technology. […]

Atlas Board (Founders Edition): Sold Out & Gearing Up for What’s Next!

We’re thrilled to announce that the Founders Edition of our Remal IoT Atlas board is completely sold out! The support and enthusiasm from everyone have been astounding. Thank you! But this isn’t the end; it’s just the beginning. We’re already hard at work on the next iteration. Stay tuned for the release of Atlas v3, […]

Important Update for Remal IoT Boards on Arduino IDE

Hello Remal IoT Users, We hope this update finds you in great spirits! We’re writing this blog post to share some important information about the Remal IoT boards on the Arduino IDE. If you have previously added any Remal IoT boards to your Arduino IDE before July 29th 2023, we kindly request you to perform […]

Remal IoT Boards Featured at Sheraa HQ

We’re thrilled to announce that our Remal IoT boards are now on display at the Sheraa HQ, a hub for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Sheraa’s recognition of our work has us brimming with pride. They celebrated how start-ups like us are shaping the entrepreneurial landscape. This moment is a testament to our team’s dedication and […]

Remal IoT’s First Workshop: Unlocking the Power of IoT with the Atlas Board

Remal IoT recently had the privilege of hosting our first-ever workshop, “Unlocking the Power of IoT with the Atlas Board”, at the University of Sharjah’s Sheraa hub. This engaging and interactive event offered attendees a deep dive into the captivating world of IoT: Previous image Next image Centered around our innovative Atlas Board, the workshop […]