Powering Art with Shabakah: Three Unique Installations at Sikka 2024

We’re excited to present three stunning artworks created by members of the Realiity team, powered by our very own Shabakah board. These captivating installations were on display at the Sikka Art Festival 2024, showcasing the fusion of technology and art.

Sadu Flux

“Sadu Flux” by Ahmad AlAttar, an innovative art installation powered by our Shabakah boards.

This piece beautifully merges the traditional Sadu patterns of the Emirates with the concept of cultural evolution. The artwork features a large frame with intricate Sadu designs, symbolizing enduring traditions, while circular cutouts in motion depict the ongoing flux of culture. This interplay between the static and dynamic elements invites viewers to ponder the fluid nature of culture, urging them to embrace change while respecting heritage.

“Sadu Flux” is a tribute to cultural diversity and adaptability, urging us to honor our past while looking forward to the future.

Emotional Dilation

“Emotional Dilation” by Omar AlHammadi, an immersive art installation powered by our Shabakah boards.

This piece invites viewers to dive into the complex interplay between emotions and time perception. Featuring six frames, each adorned with vibrant colors and clock hands moving at different speeds, the artwork illustrates how various emotional states can alter our sense of time. From the rapid pace of joy to the slow crawl of sadness, each frame offers a unique perspective on how feelings shape our temporal experience.

“Emotional Dilation” is a thought-provoking journey through the human psyche, challenging us to consider the subjective nature of time and the profound impact of our emotions.

Drumming Discourse

“Drumming Discourse” by Ahmad AlAttar, an intriguing installation powered by a group of our Shabakah boards.

This immersive artwork features five columns, each topped with a rattle drum, creating a symphony of beats that reflect the complexities of human interaction. As the drums pulsate with life, each adopts its unique rhythm, symbolizing individual voices within a conversation. This captivating piece invites observers to delve into the nuances of communication, transcending words and embracing the shared rhythms of our collective experience.

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