Nabd Powers Innovative Artwork at Sikka Art and Design Festival 2023

We’re thrilled to share that the talented team, composed of Ahmad AlAttar and Saeed AlMadani, showcased a mesmerizing artwork at the 11th edition of Sikka Art and Design Festival, held from February 24 to March 5 in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, Dubai. This captivating piece was powered by our very own Nabd board! […]

Workshop Sign-Up Page Now Up!

During the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival we were blown away by how many people wanted to learn more about our Remal development boards. We’re super excited to announce that we’re currently putting together great workshops to teach you all about how to use them. If you want to level up your programming and hardware skills and […]

Remal IoT Featured at Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival

We were thrilled to participate and present Remal IoT at the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival over the weekend. We are grateful to Najla Al-Midfa, the CEO of Sheraa, for inviting us to the event. It was a great opportunity for us to meet and connect with so many talented and inspiring individuals. We would like to […]

BIG NEWS: Remal IoT Development Boards Now Available For Sale!

It’s a big milestone for us at Remal IoT! Our development boards are now available for sale on our website! You can start placing your orders now, and deliveries will start next week. For now, we only offer sales of our boards in the United Arab Emirates, and yes, delivery is free! We are grateful […]

Remal IoT Invited to Speak at Dubai Police World Science Day Event

Previous Next We’re honored to have been invited by the Dubai Police Scientists Council to talk about Remal IoT and what we do during the World Science day event. We look forward to more collaboration opportunities in the future! يشرفنا أن تلقينا دعوة من مجلس علماء شرطة دبي للتحدث عن رمال للإنترنت الأشياء وما نقوم […]

Latest Remal Boards Now Up!

The latest revisions of Remal boards are now up! Check them out: Atlas v2, Nabd v3.1 and Shabakah v3.1 We are working on having these boards available for sale very soon, and we would love for people to experience them first hand and create cool things, so stay tuned for that!

PCB Design Pitfalls #2: Nabd and Shabakah from v3 to v3.1

It has been a while since our last update. Nabd v3, Atlas v2 and Shabakah v3 have all been assembled and tested. However, not everything went as planned as the title suggests. We did notice a major flaw in Nabd and a minor flaw in Shabakah. On the brighter side, Atlas was all good! Let’s […]

Updated Versions of Remal Boards Coming Soon 👀🧡🌍🕸️

We’ve been working on major revisions for all three of our boards. Nabd v3, Atlas v2 and Shabakah v3. Once assembled and tested, they will be available for sale (finally!) Here are 3D renders of each board: Previous Next Previous Next Previous Next And below are the bare PBCs which will be built soon! Previous […]

Shabakah 🕸️ v2 released!

Shabakah v2 is just a stepping stone to v3, which we’re currently working on. We decided to build v2 anyway since we had everything done for it a long time ago. To learn more about it, including schematic and layout files, head on over to this page: Shabakah v2!

Project: Simple People Counter Using Atlas

Learning how to use embedded systems and IoT devices to come up with solutions to everyday problems is useful. Depending on the project’s end goal, it could be very simple or very complex. This post showcases how the Atlas board can be used to quickly come up with a prototype. The Problem Keeping track of […]