Important Update for Remal IoT Boards on Arduino IDE

Hello Remal IoT Users,

We hope this update finds you in great spirits!

We’re writing this blog post to share some important information about the Remal IoT boards on the Arduino IDE. If you have previously added any Remal IoT boards to your Arduino IDE before July 29th 2023, we kindly request you to perform a few steps. These are necessary to ensure that you experience optimal performance and seamless future updates.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Uninstall the Remal Boards: Please navigate to your Arduino IDE and uninstall all currently installed Remal IoT boards.

  2. Remove the Board Link: Next, go into your IDE preferences and remove the board link associated with Remal IoT boards:


  3. Re-add the Above Link: Once you’ve removed the link, please re-add it. This will refresh the link and let you access the latest packages.

  4. Redownload the Latest Boards: Lastly, please make sure to download and install the most recent versions of our boards. You should be downloading Nabd and Atlas (AVR) version 1.2.7+, or Shabakah (ESP32) version 1.2.1+

We’ve released this update to resolve an issue related to file paths, and to ensure that you continue to receive all future board updates without any issues.

We understand that this process might cause a bit of inconvenience, and for that, we extend our sincerest apologies. We truly appreciate your understanding, patience, and ongoing support.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding this process. We’re always here to help!

Stay connected for more updates, and as always, happy inventing!

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