What is Atlas?

The third development board in Remal IoT’s family of development boards.

Atlas means “a book of maps”, and so, here at Remal IoT, we would like to think of Atlas as a board for anyone interested in exploring the world of IoT and embedded systems, using only one board as a foundation to learn.

Already own an Atlas board?

Some of Atlas’s Features:

  • For rapid prototyping and testing
  • Solderable breadboarding area!
  • Can be powered by USB-C or any battery via screw terminal
  • Able to handle up to 1.5A when using USB-C!
  • Four addressable RGB LED
  • 2 free buttons
  • MicroSD card slot for data logging or anything else
  • On-board temperature and humidity sensor (unused alert pin broken out)
  • On-board accelerometer (two unused interrupt pins broken out)
  • Comes with 2 mini solderless breadboards for testing designs before soldering
  • Arduino IDE support!
  • Focused on educational use
  • Cool rectangular design (goodbye circle🥲)

The goal of Atlas🌍 is to allow users to feel comfortable working with hardware and writing code that interfaces with sensors. Several components are built-in to allow users to get started with no additional hardware. The large breadboarding area allows many different projects to be built using the Atlas board as a foundation. All rows are connected (except the Arduino pinouts, which have their own area). This means you can easily connect and solder a lot of additional sensors and actuators and have Atlas be a powerful and all-encompassing board for your project, research, or prototype. You could also design and 3D print a case for your Atlas board!

Atlas Revisions

➤ Atlas v2
 Atlas v1