What is Shabakah?

Shabakah is the first development board created by Remal IoT. Shabakah is currently our most powerful and capable board in the lineup! It’s a development board focused on networking and connecting to the internet and other devices by utilizing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The name “Shabakah” translates to “web” in Arabic, emphasizing the point of connectivity you get with this board.

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What are Shabakah’s features?

  • All new MCU! Gone is the Silicon Labs MGM210PA32JIA. The new Espressif Systems ESP32-C3-MINI is far more capable and easier to use
  • Wi-Fi support – 2.4 GHz (802.11 b/g/n)
  • Bluetooth 5 – Low Energy and Mesh
  • Supports multiple ways to be powered: USB-C or via VIN pin
  • Power pins able to handle up to 1.5A when using USB-C!
  • 15 GPIO pins
  • A switch to control output on USB-C port: UART or native USB (very useful for debugging or creating native USB applications)
  • Addressable RGB LED controlled only by one pin
  • Two free buttons
  • On-board temperature and humidity sensor (unused alert pin broken out)
  • 4 MB flash in chip package
  • Arduino IDE support!
  • Runs on FreeRTOS natively
  • Shabakah v3.1 is ~17% larger than v2
Shabakah Revisions