What is Nabd?

“Nabd” translates to “Heartbeat” in Arabic. Nabd is Remal’s version of the Arduino Uno, a classic and widely used development board. It is based on the ATMega328p, just like the Arduino Uno. In fact, it shares the same layout as the Uno, making it compatible with all shields that support the Uno. It’s an easy board for everyone to get started with due to the simplicity of the Arduino IDE and the wealth of libraries and tutorials available online.

However, we decided to improve and refine the board. Making it better, cheaper, and more modern (goodbye USB-B and DC barrel!)

What's up with the logo in the pictures and "AlAtlas"?

Nabd v2 was designed in a time before the name “Remal IoT” and the current logo were decided upon. A look into our earlier past!

Why Nabd?

Nabd represents the foundation for any student, hobbyist, or engineer looking to get into the world of embedded systems. It all starts with Nabd, the heartbeat that pumps the user with knowledge and hopefully passion into working with embedded systems and IoT devices!

Check out the video for a quick introduction to Nabd v2 and all its features!

Okay.. but where's the previous version of Nabd?

Well… Nabd v0.1 exists 😳… but alas, it failed.

That is completely fine in this space; it’s all about learning from your mistakes!

When you first spin up a PCB, you should expect the first few revisions to have unaccounted for hardware bugs.

Curious to know what we learned from Nabd v0.1? This blog post covers it!

Nabd Revisions

➤ Nabd v3.1
➤ Nabd v3
 Nabd v2
 Nabd v0.1