Important Update for Remal IoT Boards on Arduino IDE

Hello Remal IoT Users, We hope this update finds you in great spirits! We’re writing this blog post to share some important information about the Remal IoT boards on the Arduino IDE. If you have previously added any Remal IoT boards to your Arduino IDE before July 29th 2023, we kindly request you to perform […]

Workshop Sign-Up Page Now Up!

During the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival we were blown away by how many people wanted to learn more about our Remal development boards. We’re super excited to announce that we’re currently putting together great workshops to teach you all about how to use them. If you want to level up your programming and hardware skills and […]

Mini Project: PCB Business Cards

During events, people would ask me for my business card, and embarrassingly, I would have to make an excuse up saying I ran out and didn’t have any more on me. I once gave a guy a bare Nabd board as a business card since it had our website. At some point, I knew I […]

PCB Design Pitfalls #2: Nabd and Shabakah from v3 to v3.1

It has been a while since our last update. Nabd v3, Atlas v2 and Shabakah v3 have all been assembled and tested. However, not everything went as planned as the title suggests. We did notice a major flaw in Nabd and a minor flaw in Shabakah. On the brighter side, Atlas was all good! Let’s […]

Project: Simple People Counter Using Atlas

Learning how to use embedded systems and IoT devices to come up with solutions to everyday problems is useful. Depending on the project’s end goal, it could be very simple or very complex. This post showcases how the Atlas board can be used to quickly come up with a prototype. The Problem Keeping track of […]

Interview about Remal IoT – AlDhafra TV

I got the opportunity to talk about Remal IoT on AlDafrah TV’s Emirates Evening Show. It was an honor, and I’m happy to have gotten the chance to talk about what we do, why we do it, and what we hope the future of our young startup will be like. The interview also covered how […]

PCB Design Pitfalls: Why Nabd v0.1 Failed

Re-spinning a board is not a fun thing to do. However, it’s an important step to take and learn from our mistakes to improve the next revision of the board. If you’d rather see an abridged version of this blog post, head on over to our Instagram page post here! The first PCB I worked […]

How-To: Build A PCB Using Sand

Hello, everyone! In this FIRST EVER PROPER blog post, we are going to cover how to build and reflow a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) with SMD (Surface Mount Devices) components at home using an electric skillet and sand. In this guide, we will be assembling an Atlas board. If you’d rather watch a video (woohoo!) […]

Interview about Embedded Systems and IoT – Sharjah TV

I was honored to be invited on the Sharjah Morning TV program to talk about embedded systems and the internet of things. The interview was all about simplifying and explaining what embedded systems and the internet of things are in general terms: what they do, how they’re designed, and security considerations with the variety and […]

Futurists Hub ‘Embedded Systems and IoT’ Workshop

I was invited by the team at Futurists Hub to hold an online workshop about embedded systems and IoT. Topics covered were:⚹ Introduction to IoT and embedded systems⚹ The connection between IoT and embedded systems⚹ How and where are embedded systems used, and what are their limitations⚹ How to get started in the field of […]